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After twelve wonderful years, Total Choir Resources has closed its doors. We want to thank everyone who has been a part of the community, whether as members, followers, or just those who popped in from time to time. It has been our honour and pleasure to be part of your choir-leading journey.

CHRISTINE will continue to run our free Facebook group, renamed Choir Leader Link, and is planning future live online workshops. Make sure you're part of the group to stay informed of upcoming events.

VICTORIA is (mostly) retiring, but will continue to run this warm-ups site. See below for some free warm-ups to download (if you were a Total Choir Resources member, you might already have these). Stay on Victoria's mailing list (sign-up form below) to hear about new warm-ups when they're published.

FREE - easy tracks to gently
warm-up your choir


A great first warm-up for any rehearsal - gentle five-note scales to A-E-I-O-U.

Strolling Bass

Simple scales to a strolling bass, running through the vowels, alternating 'yah' and 'nah'.

Time to Go Home

A gentle cool-down exercises that brings our voices back to speaking level after singing. To the words 'home, it's time to go home'.

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We'd love to let you know when new warm-ups are published. Pop in your details below and we'll stay in touch.

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